03 October 2023

Do CSR with ... Chess

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(DĐDN)- Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is one of the basic conditions that the majority of the world's leading development enterprises have chosen to commit. In Vietnam, CSR is best known for its charity activities for society, as a way for enterprises to build brands through the media.

hdbank6 sn 37Photo Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, Permanent Vice Chairwoman of HDBank presented prizes to visually impaired player Nguyen Manh Hung in HDBank International Chess Tournament 2016

But there are also some enterprises that choose to go their separate ways. CSR, in their strategy and vision, is to contribute to the long-term benefit of the community and society. Branding factor is just a secondary goal, follow after. Choosing chess to host International Tournament, as CSR of HDBank, is an example.

Chess, not an easy sport for ... brading

Chess,one of the most popular mind sports in the world with millions of players, watching at home, in the club, on online devices and even in tournaments, which every moves represents art, developing human personality and thinking.

Chess is less likely to be interested by branding campaigns of enterprises, especially if compared to sports that are easy to attract fans because of the "crowd effect" like football. Because of that, in Vietnam, while football competitions have attracted many sponsoring brands, chess is almost left empty.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the most prestigious national and leading chess tournament in Asia, which took place in Vietnam in early March 2016, Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Le Khanh Hai said, It is quite a pity that, as of March 2016, according to the ranking of the World Chess Federation, Vietnam ranked 40/170 countries and had golden generations such as Quang Liem, Truong Son, Thanh Trang. , Thao Nguyen, but still has not attracted enterprises to participate in chess, the sport of art, help developing human personality and thinking the most.

Luckily, 6 years ago, HDBank accompanied Vietnam Chess Federation and HDBank's goal of sponsoring an international chess tournament was not the main purpose of branding but creating a playground for chess lover around the world. Through this playground, people are more connected, more kind to each other. HDBank International Chess Tournament was born from that.

Want to do CSR with chess, can not "show-up", can not get the results immediately, but requires persistence. CSR is not just ... a few days

Through 6 tournaments, the scale, class and quality of HDBank International Chess Tournament has increased each year. In the Organizing Committee, the companion of the World Chess Federation, Vietnam Chess Federation combines with the heart and mind of HDBank sponsors, created and led the tournament through the seasons and attracted over 600 players. from 24 countries of 4 regions. HDBank international chess tournament has gone beyond the borders of Vietnam, reaching out to the continent.

“The presence of top world-class players with high Elo ratings, with HDBank, is a“ formula ”for best brand promotion. But that is not a narrow brand of HDBank. Through trips, competitions, exchanges, all the players - who can be compared to the "ambassadors" of the intellectual sport from the countries will understand and love Viet Nam more. Solidarity and cohesion between the parties will be strong and contain valuable values to cherish and support each other ”, PhD. Le Thanh Trung, Deputy CEO of HDBank shared.

hdbank6 hopbao2

Also according to Mr. Trung, from the perspective of CSR, HDBank International Chess Tournament has made great contributions to the community. The organizers have oriented the exploitation of the value of the arts - science - sports field full of intelligence, full of humanity, in accordance with the quality of chess: Expanding tournaments with professional components, in addition, there are challenging section for the movement players. In particular, the International Chess Championship 2016 also includes visually impaired player. The greatness of technology also helps HDBank and the organizers in raising the community's value to the next level, through the development of application software, online reporting of tournaments through three media portals to serve, engage, connect viewers, chess fans across the world.

“Want to do CSR with chess, can not "show-up", can not get the results immediately, but requires persistence. In particular, every tournament is a glorious victory for all players. After each season, CSR messages will continue to echo and contribute, from the chess board to the excitement and love of millions of people. In the long term, we believe that this is the foundation of trust - the foundation of branding - that HDBank will be able to receive as a final goal, with the image of a friendly and trusty bank ”, Mr. Trung shared.

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