05 December 2023

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Press conference HDBank International Open Chess Tournament 2016

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Professional breakthrough and total award increase to 40,000$. Especially, adding chanllengers group for movement players. That's the most stunning information announced in press conference HDBank International Open Chess Tournament 2016 this morning 3/3 at HDBank Headquarters.

The 6th HDBank International Open Chess Tournament 2016 attracted more than 180 players from 16 nations. Therein 47 International players come from Chess Powerhouse such as: Russia, Ukraine, India, Switzerland, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Hungary…. Comparison with 2015, this year will add more players come from 2 nations with strong development of Chess: Czech and Azerbaijan.

hdbank6 Le Thanh Trung

This year's tournament attracted lots of talented players in the World,including high rating player reach 2.717, average rating of this tournament is 2.344, with 20 GM, WGM; 26 IM, WIM; 24 FM, WFM; 14 CM, WCM. Therein, at Challengers group, have 100 players with every ages, come from many nations in the World who participated. Specially, this group have 12 FM,WFM.

The HDBank International Open Chess Tournament continue to be controlled by International Arbiters. Award structure of this year's tournament particularly attractive with total award 40.000 USD- the highest ever. Therein, the Chapion of Master group will receive 13.000 USD. In Challengers group, The Champion award will be 1.000 USD.

Dr. Le Thanh Trung - Deputy of HDBank shared: “By HDBank joining with this annual International Open Chess Tournament,we want to connect all people and nations through Chess's Language, intellectual language. This is also be one of the sport that Viet Nam has advantages. Through this tournament, the image of the country, people and intellectual of Viet Nam will be known more and more by International friends.

These are the reasons why HDBank decided to cooperate with International Chess Federation and Viet Nam Chess Federation in 6 tournaments and committed to cooperate in next tournaments. The growth of domestic and international players, from HDBank International Open Chess Tournament also be the motivation for us to keep this International Tournament move on"
hdbank6 Nguyen Phuoc Trung

Mr Nguyen Phuoc Trung- Secretary General of Viet Nam Chess Federation shared:There are a lot of famous players in the World such as:Wang Hao, Ni Hua (China); Laznicka Viktor, (Czech); Durarbayli Vasif (Azerbaijan); Zhang Zhong (Singapore), Ghosh Diptayan (India)... Representatives from Viet Nam are Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son, Dao Thien Hai, Tu Hoang Thong... In Challengers group have No.1 seed player Le Thi Phuong Lien.

Questioned about the new point of this season is the Challengers group, reporter Hung Khoa-People's Army newspaper, wondered: “So far there are 102 players in Challengers group, which 40% have rating. Is this make this group is no longer an attractive competiton? From todat until the opening, does the tournament continue to accept more players participating in this group?" Reporter Mai Khanh-TV-radio Binh Duong also asked: “The tournament communciation for people who want to participate through which channels?”.

Mr Nguyen Phuoc Trung, said: “The Elo rating is only asess coeficient ò relative player, does not mean that whom with the highest Elo will be the Champion. Non-rating players need this opportunity to be able to archive FIDE-rating. Just reach half the total score of at least 5 people have Elo. And for those who want to attend the Challengers group can still register with Organization or local Chess Federation”.

Reporter Thien Tam- HCM city Sport Newspaper asked: “Can the organization predict who will be the chapion this year?”. Mr Le Thanh Trung- Deputy of HDBank, said: “Sport in general and chess in particular always have the element of suprise. In season 2015, a dramatic running till the last minute. Therfore,we believe, opportunities are shared equally for excellent candidates”.

hdbank6 hopbao4 Through all seasons, The HDBank International Open Chess Tournament have attracted nearly 600 players come from 24 nations of 4 continents (Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa) in the World involved. Through every year, this tournament have attracted more players from new nationgs join and overate of mature quality had increase years by years. High level players took 60% in 2011; 61% in 2012; 68% in 2013, 2014; 75% in 2015 and more than 80% in 2016. According to experts, in Asia, The HDBank International Open Chess Tournament is considered as the most attractive tournament. It;s also appreciated by World Chess's society about the organization.

Before this tournament, in 2014, HDBank and Viet Nam Chess Federation had signed the cooperation agreement to prganizing the HDBank International Open Chess Tournament in the next 5 seasons and to become donor for Viet Nam Chess team.It is the strong commitment of HDBank with the tournament in particualr and Chess Movement in general. Organizers also received the backing of the World Chess Federation in maintaining and developing HDBank International Open Chess Tournament.

Just only 5 days later, chess lover will have chance to enjoy dramatics,interesting games of hundreds of players all around the World. The HDBank International Open Chess Tournament 2016 will be update consecutive in these Websites:
+ http://vietnamchess.vn
+ http://chessbomb.com

Press conference ended successfully, promising for the success of HDBank International Open Chess Tournament 2016.

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