03 October 2023

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Day 2: HDBank International Open Chess Tournament – Day of Ranks

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HDBank International Chess Tournament continues today (March 9, 2016) at De Nhat Hotel (Ho Chi Minh City) with interesting wits between players. Remarkable, champion seeds have confirmed their rank.

At 3rd match, No. 1 seed player Wang Hao (China) had the advantages of playing white, With high concentrate, carefully considered on every moves, Wang Hao was confirmed his strength and won Anton Shomoev (Nga) after 49 moves.

No.2 seed come from Czech – Viktor Laznicka (Elo 2.666) also showed his ambitiousness in championship’s competition when he beat Swapnil Dhopade (India,Elo 2.500) to hold his three consecutive wins. No.2 seed from China – Ni Hua(Elo 2.691), after 2 not really interesting matches, tried to reach TOP 2 position when he won Dang Hoang Son. No.4 seed, Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son(Elo 2649) drawn with Stanislav Bogdanovich(Ukranie,Elo 2549) after 34 moves. The draw made Truong Son stayed back in group 2.

In the women’s championship competition, Nguyen Thi Thanh An (E.P 2.239), continued to show her impressive performances. Although she had disadvantage when took the Black Side, she also undervalued than Diu Viacheslav (Russia, 2.427 E.P), she forced her opponent to draw after 43 moves. Ho Chi Minh City’s female player with no defeats (1 win and 2 draws) became the most impressed image since the beginning of this tournament. Thanh An’s performant is a great motivation for a lot of female players.

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2nd day of competition ended early with just 1 match was the basis for all players to recovery before entering tough and tense matches of this tournament. In Marc 10th will have 2 Matches: Match 4 at 9 A.M and match 5 at 3:30 P.M

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