05 December 2023

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Day 3: HDBank International Open Chess Tournament: Unpredictable with Challenge Group

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Viet Nam’s Chess fans had shortfalls when the best Viet Nam’s Chess player – Le Quang Liem was absented from HDBank International Chess Tournament. After saw what were happened at the tournament today, they quite missed him.

There might be so clearly that beside Le Quang Liem and Truong Son, the distances between level of TOP and other players were quite far. So it was no surprised when Wang Hao, Zhao Jun – players from China took the TOP positions after 5 matches. Truong Son’s efforts helped him to stay in TOP 2, lost 0.5 point comparison with 2 highest players and still had a chance to get the championship.

At the female’s championship competition, after lost the first game against Wang Hao, Viet Nam top.1 player- Pham Le Thao Nguyen are trying to have more point. 2 consecutive wins in match 3 and 4 and draw in match 5 helped Thao Nguyen led the rank with Singapore player- Li Roufan.

Meanwhile, the most fascinating and unpredictable took place in Challengers Group. In this group, player’s level were equal so it were quite easy to change suddenly. After 5 matches, Pham Minh Hieu, no.14 player led the rank. This player reached a wonderful performance with 5 integrity victories. At group 2 also had 2 players with same point (4.5) – Huynh Hai Him and Le Thanh Tai, started from no.38 and no.18 respectively.

Doan Thi Van Anh led the rank with 4 points after 5 matches. She also started at no.12 ranking but not the seed. The no.1 seed – Le Thi Phuong Lien just ranked at no.13 position with 3.5 points. A lot of others seed also being overwhelmed with potential strengths of Challengers Group’s players.

Tomorrow (March 11, 2016), HDBank International Chess Tournament will continue match 6 which is very hard to have surprise when strong players still show their stable performances.

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