05 December 2023

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HDBank 2017

Giải Cờ vua Quốc tế HDBank 2017 - Ván 4&5

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(NLĐO) On the longest competition day of the tournament, Le Quang Liem, who had not won the full score in two games, but still achieve the leading position for the first time in the half way of HDBank 2017.

It took three hours and 45 minutes to win the fight against 15-year-old Nguyen Anh Khoi in the fourth round at noon on March 14, Le Quang Liem on the same day shared a point with defending champion Wang Hao after only 21 moves in the 5th game. The same 4 points but thanks to the better tiebreak, No. 2 seed Le Quang Liem took the lead after round 5.

It's a pity that Tran Tuan Minh,the 21-year-old outstanding player, made a good draw with Wang Hao in the fourth game but then lost the No. 3 seed Bu Xiang-zhi in the fifth game. Nguyen Anh Khoi had great come back with the win against Li Ruo-fan, former Asian champion and now Singapore's No. 1 female player. With 3.5 points, Anh Khoi remained in the top 12 rankings. Similarly, after surprisingly defeating world No.10 female player Stefanova Antoaneta on round 4, Pham Chuong lost to strong opponent Aleksey Goganov after 56 moves.

The 6 round will be a thrilling game to compete for the first place when the top 6 players facing each others, Le Quang Liem against Aleksey Goganov, Wang Hao against No.1 seed player Wei Yi and Bu Xiang-zhi against Ivan Rozum.


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