09 June 2023

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HDBank Interational Open Chess Tournament - Opening Ceremony

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7th HDBank International Chess Championship 2017 officially opened in the morning of 12/03/2017 at First Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City.

At the ceremony, Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, Vice President of HDBank, made the first move with Grand Master Stefanova Antoaneta (Bulgaria), Top 10 WGM, World Champion 2004, World Rapid Champion 2012, No.1 female player at the International Chess HDBank 2017.

The HDBank Cup International Open Chess Tournament is belonged to FIDE system and this is 7th annual. This year's tournament attracted 240 players from 25 nations and regions. Among that, there are 92 international players come from Chess Powerhouse such as Russia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, China, Germany, India, Indonesia, Philippines...

Compared to 2016, there are more players from 7 countries are Argentina, Bulgaria, Egypt, Hong Kong, Jamaica, Sri Lanka, Venezuela, especially with the participation of the players from the Americas. The seventh HDBank International Open Chess tournament brings together talent players from all over 05 continents to perform a stunning competition.

This year, there are 3 players with more than 2700 Elo. The highest Elo has 2,725, the average Elo of the tournament is 2,376, bringing the quality of the International Chess HDBank to level 6 (level 6: Average elimination factor 2,376 -2,400), up 2 level compared to 2016.

Titled players of this year's tournament include 40 GM, WGM(Grand Master); 29 IM, WIM (International master); 25 FM, WFM (FIDE master); 18 CM, WCM (Candidate Master). At the Challengers group, there are 135 players.

HDBank will continue to commit with the Vietnam Chess Federation to organize the HDBank International Chess Tournament in the next six seasons (2018-2023) and at the same time HDBank is also the sponsor of the Vietnam Chess Team.

HDBank International Chess Championship 2017 continues to be run by International Arbiters. This year's award structure with a total prize up to $ 45,000. Therein, the Chapion of Master group will receive 13.000 USD,25 prizes for top ranking players; 03 prizes for best female players and 2 prizes for outstanding young players, excellent senior. In the Challengers group, the Champion will receive $ 1,000; 06 prizes for top ranking players; Three awards for the best female and two for outstanding young players, excellent senior.

Throughout the seasons, the International Chess HDBank has attracted over 800 players from 31 countries of 5 continents (Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, America) in the world. Over the years, the tournament has grown number of players, attracting more and more participating countries, and more professional quality breakthroughs.
From March 12, 1977, the chess lovers will have the opportunity to enjoy the dramatic games of hundreds of players around the world. Information about the International Chess HDBank 2017 will be updated continuously on the website: http://vietnamchess.vn


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