23 March 2023

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7th HDBank Cup International Open Chess Tournament 2017 - Round 2

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Today (12.3) After a long wait, the 7th HDBank International Chess Championship officially kicked off at De Nhat Hotel (HCMC) with the attendance of players from many nations and regions.

After a solemn, warm and impressive opening ceremony, 240 players entered the first round with a high determination. In the Masters group, Vietnam No. 1 player Le Quang Liem after a year of absence has come back impressively.

At the second game, same day, Quang Liem continued to maintain his professional manner when defeated teammate Vo Thanh Ninh (Elo 2,414) after only 29 moves. with 2 consecutive victories at the opening day helped Quang Liem remain at the top group, along with 12 other players. There are two outstanding Vietnamese players such as Quang Liem Tran Tuan Minh and Le Tuan Minh.

The most dramatical surprise in the second round was the No. 1 seed Wei Yi (China, Elo 2,725) lost to Diu Viacheslav (Russia, Elo 2,421). This defeat made Wei Yi deep in 38th place with only 1 point. On the female side, the two-time world champion Saduakassova Dinara (Kazakhstan, Elo 2.428) has been the most successful player with two wins in the top group.

Tomorrow (13.3) takes place the third round with games worth watching as Le Quang Liem met Le Tuan Minh, Tran Tuan Minh met with Diu Viacheslav ...

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