05 December 2023

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7th HDBank Cup International Open Chess Tournament 2017 - Round 6

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(NLĐO) Home Team speed up dramatically with 3 members in the top 5 after 2/3 way of the tournament, therein we witness the magically effort of 15 years old player Nguyen Anh Khoi.

Less 160 Elo than Zhou Jian-Chao but Anh Khoi didn't feel nervous at all when playing against China player. From the beginning, he played all-out attack and end up winning after 54 moves. This victory brought Anh Khoi to the fifth place after 6 round with 4,5 points. His next challenge at round 7 is the defending champion Wang Hao.


Meanwhile, with an active attack against Aleksey Goganov, Le Quang Liem forced the Russian player to accept defeat only after 32 moves. Along with the draw between Wei Yi and Wang Hao, Le Quang Liem continued to hold the top spot with 5 points. At round 7, Quang Liem will face No. 3 seed Bu Xiang-zhi.

Tran Tuan Minh young player continues to show professional manner when he defeated Muhammad Lutfi (Indonesia), achieve the third spot with 4.5 points, above both Wang Hao and No. 1 seed Wei Yi.


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