05 December 2023

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7th HDBank Cup International Open Chess Tournament 2017 - Round 7&8

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Playing black in the seventh game, Quang Liem had a draw with Bu Xiangzhi (Elo 2711). Thus, Quang Liem still unbeaten (1 win, 2 draw) against Bu Xiangzhi.

Round 8 in the afternoon, Quang Liêm continued to draw with Chinese players No. 1 seed, Wei Yi (Elo 2725). In the other games, the defending champion Wang Hao (China, Elo 2683) also made a draw with Bu Xiangzhi; Bogdanovich Stanislav (Ukraine, Elo 2602) won the 10th female world player Stefanova Antoaneta (Bulgaria, Elo 2533), ..

With this result, Quang Liem still be undefeated (4 wins, 4 draws) with 6 points after eight round. However, there are a total of four other players, including three Chinese, also have 6 points as Quang Liêm: Wang Hao, Bu Xiangzhi, Wei Yi and Bogdanovich Stanislav. Due to the tiebreak, Quang Liêm took the third place only to China's Wang Hao and Bu Xiangzhi.

To be able to become the champion this year, Quang Liem needs to beat Bogdanovich Stanislav on the final game tomorrow morning (March 17) and then wait for the result of Chinese players.

Source: http://thethao.tuoitre.vn/tin/20170316/quang-liem-hoa-2-nha-vo-dich-trung-quoc/1281602.html

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