05 December 2023

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The outstanding attraction of HDBank International Chess Tournament 2019

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HDBank International Chess Tournament 2019 achieved a record number of players 304 players from 27 countries and territories, including many strong players, worthy of the number 1 Vietnam chess tournament. The tournament has not launched yet but has created a great attraction for the media at the press conference this morning (April 4) at HDBank Headquarters (HCMC).

The focus is still on the absence of Vietnamese chess player Le Quang Liem. The Vice President of Vietnam Chess Federation Dang Tat Thang explained: "Quang Liem is absent because he accepted an invitation of an international tournament in the US. However, the Vietnamese players still have talents like Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son, Tran Tuan Minh, Nguyen Anh Khoi ... ”.

cúp hdbank 2019The most attractive award ever made promises to bring fans exciting games

Vice Chairman of Vietnam Chess Federation, HDBank Deputy General Director Le Thanh Trung shared: "The absence of Quang Liem is also an opportunity for other talents of Vietnamese chess like Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son to prove his class as he did in Olympiad. I had a honor to accompany with Vietnamese players in that tournament and are proud when Vietnamese chess ranked 10th in the total of 189 participating countries and territories. In particular, the male team won the 7th place and especially Truong Son played with impressive form, winning individual gold medal with performance rating reach to 2,804 elo. Therefore, Vietnamese players like Truong Son can completely dispute high rankings in HDBank 2019 and the race to the championship will be be unexpected and difficult to guess. Above all, the HDBank International Chess Tournament aims to invite all chess talents around the world to compete in a fair environment.

Mr. Le Thanh Trung also said that chess is now a sport that is more and more interested. FIDE former President during the meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam said that there are 600 million chess players in the world and FIDE is aiming for 1 billion players. HDBank international chess tournament also grew year by year, continuously increasing the number of participants and the organization quality. Newly this year, besides HDBank, there are also sponsors such as Rex Hotel, Vietnam-Oman Investment (VOI), Vietjet, Phu Long Real Estate Joint Stock Company, HD SAISON - Finance. VOI sponsor representative said that HDBank international chess tournament is in line with the criteria of VOI to invest in seeking talent, so VOI will accompany the prize in the next year.

hdbank2019 tt 04The press conference attracted the attention of numerous journalists from newspapers, stations across the country..

From the success of 8 times organizing the HDBank international chess tournament, experts, leaders and sponsors of Vietnam Chess Federation have shared the desire to seek talents for Vietnamese chess. “In order to have a top class player like Le Quang Liem, we need a good coach. Truong Son used to be in the top 100 in the world but stopped, partly because of a lack of good coaches, ”said Dang Tat Thang. Meanwhile, Chief organizer Mai Ba Hung said that in order to have the next generation like Le Quang Liem, we need more investment and training from the General Department of Sports and Physical Education, the localities next to socialization.

hop bao hdbank 2019VOI sponsor representative said that HDBank international chess tournament is in line with the criteria of VOI to invest in seeking talent, so VOI will accompany the prize in the next year.

Representatives of the Organizing Committee also revealed that there will be many new features "majestic" in HDBank in 2020 also celebrating 10 years of organization. Accordingly, in addition to inviting top players, the organizers will have additional activities such as music, competition to create interaction between participants and chess fans.

On March 7.3, the tournament officially kicked off at Rex Hotel (HCMC). The tournament attracted 304 players from 27 countries and territories to register for a total of 9 round from both Masters and Challengers category.

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