05 December 2023

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Explosive play from the host players on round 2

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The hopes of Vietnamese chess have won jubilantly in the second round of the HDBank International Chess Tournament this morning (8.3) at Rex Hotel (HCMC). The most impressive victory is the "female general" Pham Le Thao Nguyen (elo 2,374) against the grandmaster Nguyen Duc Hoa (elo 2.450).

With high concentration and careful play, Thao Nguyen forced Nguyen Duc Hoa to accept the defeat after 90 moves. This victory on the International Women's Day 8.3 is a gift that Thao Nguyen gave herself, also a motivation for female players be more confidence in the ability to compete with male players.

Besides Thao Nguyen, Vo Thi Kim Phung and her elder Nguyen Thi Thanh An successfully defend against stronger opponents. Kim Phung (elo 2.349) shared a point with Zhao Yuanhe (China, elo 2.431). Thanh An draw with the former world women's champion Stefanova Antoaneta (Bulgaria, elo 2,493).

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Meanwhile, Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son (elo 2,647), Thao Nguyen's husband, the hope of Vietnamese chess has a first victory in the tournament. It's not a surprise when Truong Son has a higher class. Tran Tuan Minh (elo 2,556) also won Vignesh B (India, elo 2,317). Nguyen Anh Khoi (e 2.484) won Lim Zhuo Ren (Malaysia, elo 2.248). This is also the game where the seed players like Wang Hao (China), Mareco Sandro (Argentina) also had a win.

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