05 December 2023

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The 13-year-old player leads the HDBank International Chess Tournament 2019

Giải Cờ vua quốc tế HDbank 2019 ván 3: Bất ngờ thú vị, kỳ thủ 13 tuổi dẫn đầu Giải Cờ vua Quốc tế HDBank 2019

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The 13-year-old player Gukesh Dommaraju is considered to be an Indian chess prodigy and is also one of the rare world's youngest Grandmaster made a pleasant surprise when leading the international chess tournament HDBank after round 3. With the 2,529 elo, Gukesh is the No. 15 seed at the HDBank International Chess Tournament, which has not been evaluated as a bright candidate for the championship but has started impressively.

In game 1, Gukesh passed Bao Khoa (elo 2.277). Next, the player defeated Indonesia's No. 1 female player who has won the Asian champion Sukandar Irine Kharisma twice (elo 2,381). Vietnam No. 1 female player Pham Le Thao Nguyen was defeated by Gukesh in the third round, three consencutive wins helped Gukesh lead the tournament along with three players Bogdanovich (Ukraine), Eduardo (Venezuela), Sandipan (India). Gukesh is very popular and being followed every step by the world chess fan in recent times , that becomes an opportunity for HDBank International Chess Tournament to be known worldwide.

Two Vietnamese players left a big mark in the third game: Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son and young talent Nguyen Anh Khoi. Truong Son defeated Nava Roderick (Philippines, elo 2.393) after only 31 moves, while Nguyen Anh Khoi won against Fenil Shah (India, elo 2,360) after 33 moves.

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Tomorrow (9.3), the fourth round with notable matches: Nguyen Anh Khoi againsts No. 1 seed Wang Hao (China), Truong Son meets Mendonca Leon Luke (India), Thao Nguyen meets Ivan. Cheparinov (Georgia), Gukesh meets Eduado.

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