03 October 2023

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HDBank International Chess Tournament round 6 : Bogdanovich Stanilav the sole leader

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With an impressive victory over Cheparinov Ivan (Georgia, elo 2.683), the Ukrainian player Bogdanovich Stanilav (elo 2,536) dominated the top of the HDBank International Chess Championship after round 6. But he cannot sit back and relax though, as there are 3 chasers with only haft point behind.

Playing Black with an amazing form, Bogdanovich Stanilav making No. 2 seed Cheparinov Ivan accept to lose. This victory along with Eduardo (Venezuela, elo 2,639) shared a point with No. 1 seed Wang Hao (China, elo 2,718) to help Bogdanovich Stanilav lead the ranking with 5.5 points after round 6. The new leader has a stunning performance rating, reach to 2,885.

The internal confrontation between 2 hopes of Vietnamese chess: Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son and Tran Tuan Minh ended without victory. Therefore, both players share 0.5 points, are in top 3 on the rankings, 1 point less than the lead player and still have a chance to dispute high ranking.

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The sixth round also recorded the success of many Vietnamese players when Cao Sang (elo 2,385) defeated a stronger player Chanda Sandipan (India, elo 2,534), Pham Chuong (elo 2.383), surpassing Susanto Megaranto (Indonesia , elo 2,526), ​​Nguyen Anh Dung (elo 2,458) won Saravana Krishnan (India, el. 2,352). Thanks to the impressive victory, these players rose to top 3 with 4.5 points. Vietnam's No. 1 female player Pham Le Thao Nguyen has an important victory against Tokhirjonova Gulrukhbegim (Uzbekistan, elo 2.434), which helped her reach 4 points after 6 games, temporarily share the first place for women with Nandhidhaa (India).

Tomorrow (11.3), the 7th game with notable matches: Stanislav (2.536) meets Sandro (elbow 2,666), Wang Hao (elo 2,718) meets Van Wely Loek (elo 2,612), Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son ( elo 2.647) met Eduardo (elo 2,639), Tran Tuan Minh (elo 2,556) met Zhao Yuanhe (elo 2,431), Cao Sang (elo 2,385) met Venkataraman (elo 2,494), Pham Chuong (elo 2.383) met Demchenko Anton (elo 2.678 ).

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