05 December 2023

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HDBank International Chess Tournament 2019 round 7: Great fighting spirit on all boards

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Tuesday's seventh round witnessed many impressive victories of players in an important period of the race to the championship.

With impressive high form, Grandmaster Bogdanovich Stanislav (Ukraine, elo 2.536) continues to win against defending champion Mareco Sandro (Argentina, elo 2,666). This great victory after 34 moves helped Stanislav Bogdanovich maintain his position as the only leader with 6.5 points. No. 1 Wang Hao (China, elo 2,718) also had an important victory against Van Wely Loek (Netherlands, 2,612 elo) after 47 times and keep chasing Bogdanovich Stanislav with 0.5 points behind.

There are 5 players ranked in group 3 with 5.5 points including Eduardo (Venezuela), Wen Yang (China), Popov Ivan (Russia), Zhao Yuanhe (China) and Vietnamese player Cao Sang. Cao Sang (elo 2,385) is the lowest ratings player to get into the top 10 on the rankings and is considered a surprise at the moment. The seventh round also saw a surprise when Hoang Canh Huan (elo 2,394) has a win against No. 2 seed Cheparinov Ivan (Georgia, elo 2.683).

The ladies's race was tough when there were 3 leading players with 4.5 points being Bulmaga Irina (Roumania, elo 2,424), Nandhidhaa (India, elo 2,240), Pham Le Thao Nguyen ( elo 2,374).

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In Challengers category, there are 3 players leading after 7 games with 6 points are Nelson (Philippines), Doan Thi Van Anh, Pham Minh Hieu. The race to become a champion also promises to be attractive in the last two games.

In the 8th round of tomorrow (12.3) there are notable matches : Wang Hao met Stanislav, Eduardo met Popov Ivan, Zhao Yuanhe and Wen Yang, Van Wely Loek met Cao Sang...

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