03 October 2023

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HDBank International Chess Tournament 2019 - Round 8: Wang Hao shines

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The only super grandmaster at the HDBank 2019 International Chess Tournament Wang Hao (China, elo 2.718) defeated Bogdanovich Stanislav (Ukraine, elo 2.536) to become the new leader after round 8 in the HDBank international chess tournament taking place at Guests Rex Hotel (HCMC).

In the 8th round today, Wang Hao successfully win back the first place from Bogdanovich Stanislav (Ukraine, elo 2,536). The extremely impressive form of Bogdanovich Stanislav in the tournament could not stand against a brave, experienced super GM Wang Hao.

The champion of HDBank International Chess Tournament 2016 Wang Hao retained the cool head, carefully calculating in each moves. Without any risk, Wang Hao played tightly, exploiting opponent's weaknesses and gradually gaining dominance to win this critical match. Standan Bogdanovich had to accept the fact that the opponent was better at playing and deserved a victory after 84 moves. This important victory helped Wang Hao rise to the top of the rankings with 7 points, 0.5 points more than two players Bogdanovich Stanislav and Wen Yang (China, 2.599) with full chances to become the champion.

The eighth round also witness notable changes such as Wen Yang rise to top 2 by winning against his countryman Zhao Yuanhe (elo 2.431). 13-year-old Indian chess prodigy Gukesh (elo 2,529) defeated No. 3 seed Demchenko Anton (Russia, elo 2,678). Liu Guanchu (China, elo 2.445) defeated defending champion Mareco Sandro (Argentina, elo 2,666).This is also a group of players who can compete for the final high ranking. Meanwhile, in the 8th round, Vietnamese players did not leave a big mark. Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son (elo 2,647) had a draw with Xu Yi (China, elo 2,520), Hoan Canh Huan (2.394 eleven) lost to Predke (Russia, elo 2,611), Cao Sang (elo 2,385) lost to Van Wely Loek (Netherlands, elo 2,612). With 5.5 points after 8 games, Vietnamese players like Truong Son, Cao Sang, Van Huy, Anh Khoi and Anh Dung no longer have a chance to compete for the championship.

Nandhidhaa (India) leads the competition for women's championship, more than 2 players behind Pham Le Thao Nguyen(VietNam) , Sukandar (Indonesia) 0.5 points.

The last game tomorrow with notable matches: Wen Yang meets Wang Hao, Stanislav meets Predke, Eduardo meets Liu Guanchu, Popov meets Van Wely Loek, Gukesh meets Susanto.

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