23 March 2023

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Giải Cờ vua Quốc tế HDBank 2017 - Ván 4&5

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(NLĐO) On the longest competition day of the tournament, Le Quang Liem, who had not won the full score in two games, but still achieve the leading position for the first time in the half way of HDBank 2017.

It took three hours and 45 minutes to win the fight against 15-year-old Nguyen Anh Khoi in the fourth round at noon on March 14, Le Quang Liem on the same day shared a point with defending champion Wang Hao after only 21 moves in the 5th game. The same 4 points but thanks to the better tiebreak, No. 2 seed Le Quang Liem took the lead after round 5.

It's a pity that Tran Tuan Minh,the 21-year-old outstanding player, made a good draw with Wang Hao in the fourth game but then lost the No. 3 seed Bu Xiang-zhi in the fifth game. Nguyen Anh Khoi had great come back with the win against Li Ruo-fan, former Asian champion and now Singapore's No. 1 female player. With 3.5 points, Anh Khoi remained in the top 12 rankings. Similarly, after surprisingly defeating world No.10 female player Stefanova Antoaneta on round 4, Pham Chuong lost to strong opponent Aleksey Goganov after 56 moves.

The 6 round will be a thrilling game to compete for the first place when the top 6 players facing each others, Le Quang Liem against Aleksey Goganov, Wang Hao against No.1 seed player Wei Yi and Bu Xiang-zhi against Ivan Rozum.


Giải Cờ vua Quốc tế HDBank 2017 - Ván 6

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(NLĐO) Home Team speed up dramatically with 3 members in the top 5 after 2/3 way of the tournament, therein we witness the magically effort of 15 years old player Nguyen Anh Khoi.

Less 160 Elo than Zhou Jian-Chao but Anh Khoi didn't feel nervous at all when playing against China player. From the beginning, he played all-out attack and end up winning after 54 moves. This victory brought Anh Khoi to the fifth place after 6 round with 4,5 points. His next challenge at round 7 is the defending champion Wang Hao.


Meanwhile, with an active attack against Aleksey Goganov, Le Quang Liem forced the Russian player to accept defeat only after 32 moves. Along with the draw between Wei Yi and Wang Hao, Le Quang Liem continued to hold the top spot with 5 points. At round 7, Quang Liem will face No. 3 seed Bu Xiang-zhi.

Tran Tuan Minh young player continues to show professional manner when he defeated Muhammad Lutfi (Indonesia), achieve the third spot with 4.5 points, above both Wang Hao and No. 1 seed Wei Yi.


Giải Cờ vua Quốc tế HDBank 2017 - Ván 7&8

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Playing black in the seventh game, Quang Liem had a draw with Bu Xiangzhi (Elo 2711). Thus, Quang Liem still unbeaten (1 win, 2 draw) against Bu Xiangzhi.

Round 8 in the afternoon, Quang Liêm continued to draw with Chinese players No. 1 seed, Wei Yi (Elo 2725). In the other games, the defending champion Wang Hao (China, Elo 2683) also made a draw with Bu Xiangzhi; Bogdanovich Stanislav (Ukraine, Elo 2602) won the 10th female world player Stefanova Antoaneta (Bulgaria, Elo 2533), ..

With this result, Quang Liem still be undefeated (4 wins, 4 draws) with 6 points after eight round. However, there are a total of four other players, including three Chinese, also have 6 points as Quang Liêm: Wang Hao, Bu Xiangzhi, Wei Yi and Bogdanovich Stanislav. Due to the tiebreak, Quang Liêm took the third place only to China's Wang Hao and Bu Xiangzhi.

To be able to become the champion this year, Quang Liem needs to beat Bogdanovich Stanislav on the final game tomorrow morning (March 17) and then wait for the result of Chinese players.

Source: http://thethao.tuoitre.vn/tin/20170316/quang-liem-hoa-2-nha-vo-dich-trung-quoc/1281602.html

Giải Cờ vua Quốc tế HDBank 2017 - Lê Quang Liêm vô địch

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(NLĐO) After nine games undefeated,Super Grand Master Le Quang Liem became the champion the third time at the International Chess HDBank.

Back to VietNam close to the opening ceremony, Le Quang Liem is still full of confidence when attending the tournament at home with determination to win the highest ranking.

Before the final round ended on the afternoon of March 17, Le Quang Liem was pushed to No. 3 and almost impossible to decide his own rank. There are five players with 6 points and this means that any candidate including Wang Hao, Bu Xiang-zhi, Le Quang Liem, Wei Yi and Stanislav Bogdanovich won the 9th game, they still have to wait and see the results of the other games to determine the final ranking.

Fortunate belonged to the host at the deciding game on March 17th when all the competitior to the champion made a draw. Meanwhile, despite the low level 100 Elo but Ukraine player, Stanislav Bogdanovich played amazingly, with the advantage of playing white, many times pushed Quang Liem into difficult situation. However, after 79 moves, the game ended up with the victory for Le Quan Liem.

With 7 points after 9 tough games, Le Quang Liem finished his hat-trick of championship at HDBank Tournament, after two starts in 2013 and 2015, earning a prize of $ 13,000.

Together in the top 10, there are 2 young players Tran Tuan Minh (6.5 points, rank 5) and Le Tuan Minh (6 points, rank 10). Best Woman belongs to the 2018 U20 World Champion Dinara Saduakassova (5.5 points, 19th place). The 15-year-old Nguyen Anh Khoi with 5.5 points, ranked 16th, also won the best young player award

Commenting on the tournament, the new champion Le Quang Liem said that this is really a tough challenge when the players have to compete with a two days three games, not to calculate to get the most reasonable results when encountered with opponents in multiple different levels. The only super grand master of VietNam chess also admitted that the success of HDBank Tournament 2017 will be a great motivation for him to gain more and more confidence before entering the World Cup in early September and the SportAccord World Mind Games this month.

Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee Nguyen Thanh Phong signed a certificate of merit with a prize of 10 million VND for the player Le Quang Liem with the title Champion of HDBank International Open Chess Tournament 2017.


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